Become a member

Interested and applicant legal entities must submit their membership application exclusively online, by filling in the appropriate form – available on the site from the registration of the proposed Association – and by submitting the following documents:

  • Certificate and Register of Commerce or official document of recognition of the entity, according to the publications of the applicant legal entity’s home country.
  • For Assessment, Inspection and Laboratory activities, the Type-approval Certificate relating to at least one sector of activity issued by an Accreditation Body recognized under the IAF or ILAC or in the context of EU Regulation 765/2008 or another recognized International Accreditation Body.
  • For training activities, a Type-approval Certificate according to ISO 21001:2018 and/or according to ISO 9001:2015 sector IAF 37 and/or official accreditations or recognitions from the Member’s country.
  • Declaration of responsibility and/or truthfulness and/or deed of notoriety confirming the absence of criminal convictions, concerning subjects with responsibility for the legal entity, relating to matters of relevance for the purposes of Regulatory Compliance with regard to the violation of the relevant Country’s laws.
  • Declaration of responsibility and/or truthfulness and/or deed of notoriety with direct reference to NOT performing consultancy activities relating to assessment, inspection, laboratory and training activities.

The documentation of Expression of Interest for participation in the proposed ICN association must be sent in digital format by filling out the following form in all its parts.


Complete the application online directly via the form below.

On receipt of application, ICN assesses whether to:

  1. Carry out documentary and/or formal examination of the application
  2. Accept the application
  3. Reject the application

In the event of points 2 and 3, the decision of the steering committee and subsequent actions are communicated to applicants.

Registration request

Applicants apply for membership by sending to segreteria@cn-network.orgthe following form completed, along with identity document, tax code, payment receipt, CV and all documentation proving course of studies and work.

    Personal residence
    All communication will be directed to the email address you supplied above. We therefore ask you to check its accuracy, as well as to update it, in the event of any changes.
    Company details