Regulation of function and use of mark


The International Compliance Network Association – ICN – (hereinafter referred to as ICN) is based in LUGANO – 6900, Via Pretorio 13, Switzerland.

The activity of ICN is governed by the provisions contained in the current Articles of Association and in the Internal Operation Regulations in force.

These Regulations for the Usage of the ICN Logo and Mark are an integral and fundamental part of the ICN Statute and Internal Regulations in force and have the role of regulating their use by Members.

The ICN Mark and Logo are trademarks and logos registered and owned by the ICN Founding Members, as indicated in the Articles of Association and in the Internal Operating Regulations in force and of which these Regulations are a fundamental and binding part.

The ICN Mark and Logo are trademarks and commercial logos, which are added, in the manner provided for by the rules and provisions on accreditation – certification and Attestation of Conformity following processes of assessment, inspection, laboratory and educational and training activities subject to the field of activity of ICN Members  AND DO NOT REPLACE the conformity marks and logos issued by ICN Members themselves as part of their activities, according to their own Regulations for the Usage of the Marks in use.

To clarify: the ICN Mark and Logo IS NOT A THIRD PARTY CONFORMITY MARK as defined and governed by the ISO/IEC 17030: 2003 Conformity Assessment – General Requirements for Third-Party Marks of Conformity which, verbatim, states

“Protected mark issued by a body performing third-party conformity assessment, indicating that an object of conformity assessment (product, process, person, system or body) is in conformity with specified requirements.

Note      A protected mark is a mark legally protected against unauthorized use.

Owner of a third-party mark of conformity (ref. ISO 17030)

Person or organization that has legal rights to a third-party mark of conformity

Issuer of a third-party mark of conformity (ref. ISO 17030)

Body that grants the right to use a third-party mark of conformity.

Note       The issuer may not be the owner of the third-party mark of conformity, and may be authorized to sub-license other bodies.”


The Member may advertise, in the ways they deems most appropriate, membership of ICN and in compliance with the rules in force regarding accreditation and certification on their company documentation and on their websites and Social Media, paying particular attention not to create non-transparent or biasing impediments to the rules of competition and the market and the legal provisions in force in each individual country where the Member operates.

The Mark and Logo must be used according to proportions and methods suitable for its proper enhancement and according to the rules of common sense.

The use of the ICN Logo and Mark is subject to all the limitations indicated by the legal provisions in force in the Members’ various countries and by the provisions of the International Accreditation, Certification and Inspection and Training Bodies and of the individual Member Countries, under the direct responsibility of the Members themselves.

This responsibility, in the case of serious and fraudulent violations of the use of the ICN Mark and Logo by the Member, is configured as just cause for the expulsion of the Member, according to what is governed by the Statute and the Internal Operating Regulations of ICN in force.


With reference to their activities, with particular reference to the activities of the Assessment Division, the Member can issue the ICN CERTIFICATE to the client, as an additional and supplementary certificate, BUT NOT REPLACEMENT, to the Certificate of Attestation of Conformity issued as part of the activities falling under the Rules of Accreditation and Certification, Inspection, Laboratory Activities and Education and Training.

The Board of Directors has the task of organizing and managing the Register of ICN Certificates issued by Members according to specific procedure, an integral part of these Regulations.


In the event that the Member terminates membership of the Association due to resignation or expulsion in accordance with the provisions of the Statute and the Internal Operating Regulations, their ability to use the Mark and Logo and issue ICN Certificates is forfeited.

These Regulations must be MANDATORY recalled and integrated in the context of the Operating Regulations of the Members and in the context of the Contracts that each Member   

Any violations of non-compliance with these provisions may be prosecuted as indicated in the Statute and in the Internal Operating Regulations of ICN in force and according to the provisions of the law in force in the Swiss Confederation.